Power Systems

2017 Game Changer Award

JAZZ, and Lac des Mille Lac First Nation (LDMLFN), won the 2017 Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) Game Changer Award for an innovative community project that integrated solar panels, a battery energy storage system with a hot water system. 

2021 OSEA Best In-Class Renewable Energy Award

JAZZ, along with TTN, Oneida, Wiikwemkoong and LDMLFN won the OSEA Green Energy Doors Open 21 competition for best in class in renewable energy for First Nations Community Solar. 

LDMLFN: 97kW of solar and 250kWh battery system off-grid system which is used for DHW preheat as well. Primary power for Band buildings. Completed 2017.

Oneida: 650kW of Net Meter Solar and pilot battery system powering School, Community Center, Health and Education, and Senior Citizens Home. Completed 2021.

TTN: 250kW of Net Meter Solar and pilot battery system powering every infrastructure building and home in the Community. 100% Solarized. Completed 2021.

Wiikwemkoong: 735kW of Net Meter Solar powering High School, Junior School, Arena, Band Office and Nursing Home. Completed 2019.

About Jazz Solar

JAZZ Solar Solutions Inc. (JAZZ) is a team of skilled and experienced specialists that develop innovative renewable energy solutions utilizing solar PV, battery, and other relevant technologies. The team also provides engineering, procurement, construction, and project management services for the renewable energy projects developed for clients. JAZZ was founded in 2009 by Ketan Bhalla (MSc Electrical Engineering University of Alberta. 2 patents), a serial entrepreneur whose motto is to be a catalyst of meaningful change for the betterment of society, particularly as it relates to energy. Ketan’s previous ventures have disrupted digital power (CHiL Semiconductor, $75M acquisition by IR/Infineon) and the optical internet (CeyBa $100M venture capital; Sybarus acquired by Lucent). 


JAZZ has worked closely with over 20 Ontario First Nations, farmers, schools, commercial businesses, and homeowners. JAZZ has developed over 500 solar PV projects, predominantly in Ontario, totalling more than 30MW and has delivered 10 Community Energy Plans for First Nations.  These accomplishments have provided a wealth of knowledge, experience, and industry recognition.

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