My Business

My name is Robin and I am the owner and manager of Tomahawk Technologies Inc. I run my business out of Carleton Place, Ontario, and am actively involved in the community as a local entrepreneur.


Why I chose Solar

I own and operate both my business and the property that I run it on. When the opportunity to obtain a contract to sell solar energy to my local utility company arose, I analysed the costs against the continuous revenue stream. I discovered that the roof of my building could return around $10,000 annually in addition to the revenue from my business.  I’m proud to be able to add another high quality source of income to my traditional line of business.


My JAZZ Powersystem

My business is equipped with a 11.04 kW JAZZ PowerSystem. The 48 Siliken SLK60P6L-230 panels feed into the Hydro Ottawa grid via Enphase m190 micro-inverters. I receive cheques from my utility company, Hydro One, based on my monthly production courtesy of Ontario’s microFIT program.


Why I Chose JAZZ Solar Solutions

Charles, the Solar Consultant from JAZZ, was very informative and helped me navigate my options. Once we had determined what kind of system fitted my needs and budget, Kyle and and the rest of the JAZZ installation crew installed and connected the system in a timely fashion. I’ve already started receiving cheques and my solar energy production has exceed my expectations. I recommend JAZZ Solar Solutions to anyone looking for a professional and qualified solar installer.


What I like most about my JAZZ experience

JAZZ Solar Solutions was there for me every step of the way. They provided me with ample options, and managed the entire project from start to finish. I was impressed by their technical knowledge was extremely comfortable with their level of skill and work. All of my questions were answered and I am now being paid to generate solar energy for the whole community.