Off Grid Solar Systems

Is utility power unavailable? Maybe it is expensive to bring it in to your cottage or house? Now solar panels will allow you to generate your own power without depending on any power company.  No longer will you need noisy generators as your only feasible alternative to connection to the power grid. Clean quiet dependable power can be yours now at an affordable price.

Typical systems include these main components

  • Solar Panels to generate power
  • Batteries to store energy for when the sun isn’t shining
  • Power inverter to allow you to use the power with your regular house hold appliances

Off Grid for Homes and Cottages

Solutions for every lifestyle! From large to small, or a customized solutions to meet your needs.

Unique Off Grid Solutions:

  • Power on a Post
  • Power Trailers
  • Direct Appliance Power Solutions

Many variations of off grid power systems are very popular for Pump Stations, RV Camp Sites, Job Sites, Cook Trailers, Vending Trailers, Hunt Camps, R.V.’s and many other applications. JAZZ can help to strategically size an off grid system for your specific needs.

Hybrid systems:

In addition to solar power you can add wind turbines, micro hydro, and other sources of power to supplement your solar power generation.

The process:

  • We Will Ask Questions to Determine Your Energy Needs
  • We Will Audit Your Loads and Corresponding Schedule
  • Data Gathering at Your Location, Site, Environmental Conditions
  • System Design Using Qualified Energy Engineers
  • System Install with Qualified Installers
  • Detailed Information and free on site tutorial on how to use Your JAZZ Power System
  • Freedom! Your Off Grid Lifestyle

Holistic Approach – Energy Conservation:

Not only do JAZZ Energy Engineers design power systems and their integrated components to work properly together. The energy team at JAZZ can provide a full building energy analysis and provide a whole energy system approach to living off the grid.