The microFIT program is a “micro” renewable energy generation program that was launched in 2009 as part of the Ontario government’s efforts to increase independent renewable energy production in the province following shortly after the launch of the Green Energy Act. This program grants access to landowners in Ontario who are interested in harvesting free energy from renewable resources, for example producing electricity from solar, to sell it back for a return to the energy suppliers throughout the province.

By participating in the microFIT program, Ontario residents will be presented by a 20 year contract with their local energy company that will purchase the harvested energy from the property at a fixed rate and deliver it to the local energy grid in return providing you with revenue.

The allowance provided through the microFIT program is designed to cover the cost of equipment and installation, as well as provide a reasonable return for the energy provided to the Ontario energy grid. This is an upfront method of controlling your own energy costs, and a way of making a long-term return for the course of 20 years.

One of the most popular and affordable commercial applications of the microFIT program is a rooftop solar photovoltaic system. JAZZ solar is the most qualified, certified and experienced company in Ontario to help you cater your needs in making the right decision for your microFIT program options.

Clean Energy and YOU

Clean energy resources are available for free all around you, literally. The sun, wind and water can all generate electricity to help keep you and the community around you on the move. Harnessing these clean energy resources has brought about significant development and efficiency for such technologies in the recent years. These technologies include harvesting wind energy from wind turbines, sun’s energy from solar photovoltaics, water energy from hydroelectric stations, as well as other technologies for non-fossil fuel and non-nuclear sources.

There are all sorts of reasons to pursue clean energy resources to benefit oneself and the environment

  • Reduced air pollution (C02)
  • Reduced long-term costs
  • Environmental preservation
  • Become Independent
  • Increase in property value

The province’s microFIT program is enabling small businesses and homeowners to become independent from the use of fossil fuels and dependency on their energy suppliers to meet their energy demands by providing valuable incentives to landowners who invest in clean energy resources.

The microFIT program is not just for big companies but also for small businesses and home owners that would like to qualify and participate in this program. To learn more on how the microFIT program can benefit you or your business, please contact us at www.jazzsolar.com or call us at 613 288 JAZZ (5299).