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A personal consultation and site evaluation allows JAZZ to propose a solar energy system that is tailored to meet your budget while maximizing the return on your investment. We customize all of our systems to meet your needs and we optimize all aspects of the project to ensure the best possible outcome for you. All JAZZ systems include:

  • Custom technical analysis including site evaluation, roof, and shading
  • 3 dimensional CAD roof plan so you can see what the end system will look like
  • Customized system design and component selection
  • Monthly and annual energy production estimates
  • Custom financial analysis including revenue, payback, return on investment

Pricing Examples

See below for sample pricing for small (3 KiloWatt), medium (5KiloWatt) and large (10KiloWatt) rooftop residential systems to get a general appreciation of costs and revenue. Please consider that the cost of solar panels can vary as:

  • no two homes are alike
  • these are sample costs. Actual costs may be lower, or higher, depending on your property’s characteristics
  • the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) writes binding 20-year contracts to purchase energy from you, thereby offering you a very stable and predictable income stream
  • the OPA contract window is not open in perpetuity. The quicker you act, the quicker you can take advantage of its binding agreements and current guaranteed rate

Jazz Pricing Art Sept13 10K


Jazz Pricing Art Sept13 5K



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