Our Family

My name is George and I operate Terryland Farms Inc. in St. Eugene, Ontario. We started farming in 1983 with just 20 cattle and now have a herd of over 280. We use the waste produced by the cattle to run a 1000 m3 bio-gas digester, the first of its kind in Ontario.


Why I chose Solar

My wife and I run our farm like a family, putting as much effort in as we expect out. We had decided just over a year before going solar to install a biogas digester in order to participate in the OPA’s FIT program.  After a few barn expansions, we decided that our roofs were ideal for Solar PV and chose to generate power for Ontario’s grid in 2 ways.


Our JAZZ PowerSystem

Terryland Farms is the proud holder of the OPA’s first Feed-In-Tariff contract. 3 of our 5 barn roofs are equipped with 552 Canadian Solar CS6P-230W panels; a total of 127 kW of solar panels. Each pair of panels is connected to an Enphase D380 micro-inverter.


Why I Chose JAZZ Solar Solutions

We received quotes from several different solar installers including JAZZ. We were impressed by their eagerness to answer our questions and address any inquiries we made. JAZZ Solar Solutions made me feel comfortable that my barn roofs were in good hands.


What I like most about my JAZZ experience

JAZZ Solar Solutions worked on a tight schedule to ensure that my system was installed in a reasonable amount of time. Their team of installers worked through the winter, both on cold and warmer days. I was very pleased with the quality of their work, and am proud of my brand new JAZZ Solar PowerSystem.