JAZZ is proud to offer its services in Costa Rica. Our expert designers, engineers and NABCEP certified technicians are at your service!

Costa Rica Collage.1It Pays to Go solar!

Grid power in Costa Rica is not only expensive but uses progressive billing, so the more you use, the more you pay and the higher the rate. But with a grid-tied solar energy system from Jazz Solar, the grid will compensate you for the energy that you produce, which can substantially reduce, or even eliminate your electrical bills, and protect you against endless yearly rate increases. Best of all, Solar is a clean, renewable and predictable power source.

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Your return on investment will be surprisingly high – much better than traditional investments, and much more predictable. Indeed we have seen returns in excess of 17%, which is almost unheard of unless you are willing to participate in very high risk investing and are comfortable with gambling your savings away.

We are proud to bring our decades of collective experience through the hundreds of systems we’ve installed to Costa Rica. We use only the latest and most efficient technologies and processes to ensure that your system is fully optimized so you can maximize solar uptime, and revenues. As experts in Canada’s cold, harsh and snowy climate, we definitely know solar energy!

Whether your needs are residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural, talk to the TRUSTED solar experts – Jazz Solar.

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Come see our live system at the Ingedesa Office! We are located beside Academia Teocali, Liberia, Guanacaste 506-2665-6464   email: cmoreno@jazzcr.com