Our Family

My name is Doug and I am a proud father, husband, and homeowner. I’ve lived in Ottawa for over a decade, and use every chance that I have to give back to this wonderful city.


Why I chose Solar

I’ve always been an advocate of solar technology and have wanted to adopt it for sometime. The main barrier that kept me from installing a system in the past was the high cost/low return for individuals putting up non-commercial scale systems. With Ontario’s microFIT program, the return on my power production will allow me to recoup my upfront costs in about 7 years, while reducing the province’s output of dirty energy.


Our JAZZ Powersystem

My home is equipped with a 3.22 kW JAZZ PowerSystem. The 14 Canadian Solar CS6P-230P panels feed into the Hydro Ottawa grid via Enphase m190 micro-inverters. I receive cheques based on my monthly production courtesy of Ontario’s microFIT program


Why I Chose JAZZ Solar Solutions

When we started getting quotes for the installation of our solar array, we were told by several installers that our roof was not suitable for solar as the estimates pointed at a system of 2 kW or less as the largest possible installation. Ketan from JAZZ Solar Solutions was extremely helpful and took the initiative to innovate with his team of engineers and design a system that would generate a lucrative return at a great price.They really exemplified the art of solar.


What I like most about my JAZZ experience

JAZZ kept me abreast of all developments with my project, and ensured that all my requests were addressed. Not only do I have a well designed and aesthetically pleasing system, but I also have a government guaranteed source of income for the next 20 years.